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  • Fishing is very good all along the coast at present, as the unseasonable weather continues. Bass, Smooth hound, dogfish, flounders and weaver fish are all regularly being caught. Low water seems best in most places but fish are being caught all stages of the tide, particularly with an onshore wind.


  • Plenty of bass are being caught right along the coast at present, with the mainly Northerly winds for the previous couple of weeks. As the weather improves though, look to first and last of light for the best results, although nothing beats a small surf. Elsewhere Mostyn continues to produce rays as well as plenty of flatfish. Smooth hound should start coming off Talacre in the next couple of weeks.


  • Darkness is the way to go off the beaches at present, with only really flounders coming out during the day. Mostyn and Talacre will be the place to go locally during daylight hours. Talacre mainly flatties with Mostyn also producing a few rays. There is the odd bass being caught and this should improve as it gets warmer.


  • Still plenty of whiting and flatfish being landed all along the coast at the minute. However this colder weather will probably slow the fishing down somewhat. If it continues to stay cold, look for deeper water which is less affected. Hopefully it will bring more cod closer to shore. Ideally fish the local beaches with a light North or Northwest wind.


  • Fishing has become less prolific as the cold weather has moved in, although there are still some bass showing. Whiting are pretty much everywhere at present, particularly after dark. Not many codling showing locally, Anglesey or the Mersey being a much better bet. Still good amounts of flatfish on the beaches between Rhyl and Talacre.


  • Plenty of fish being caught everywhere currently, particularly at low water and after dark. Bass, Whiting, Dogfish, Huss, Rays, Flounder, plaice, Smooth hound and dabs have all been reported over the last couple of weeks.


  • Still a good amount of bass being caught all along the coast, particularly over low water. The recent North-West winds have helped a good deal however, and any hot weather will slow down the catch rate. On the other hand any hot weather should bring mackerel to the shore, best fishing Colwyn Bay or Llandudno at high water.


  • Plenty of bass being caught right along the coast at present, mainly to lugworm but they'll take most baits if presented correctly. Low water seems to be when the most fish are being brought to shore, but you can land one at any time. However as the algae starts to die the fishing will curtail a little. Elsewhere there are good numbers of dogfish off Colwyn Bay and Llandudno, particularly after dark Talacre is the place to go for smoothounds, fish an hour and a half either side of low water.


  • With the warm weather finally arriving, so do the bass. It's a bit of a mixture of winter and summer special at the minute. Still plenty of whiting and flatties being caught but bass and dogfish are already showing.


  • January usually signals a downturn in the catch rates, although it's still currently pretty productive. Whiting and flatfish are still currently being taken in good numbers, particularly after dark. No cod to talk of locally but expect some over the next few weeks off Kinmel Bay during rough conditions. The Mersey is always the best place to go for cod though. Talacre will continue to fish well for flatfish over the coming weeks.


  • Plenty of fish around currently. Still lots of bass off the local beaches during the day together with a few flounders and whiting. As soon as it's dark there are large numbers of whiting, dogfish, dabs, plaice and flounders. Also reports of a few codling in the Conwy. It should fish well now until Christmas particularly after dark.


  • With the seasons changing with cooler, darker nights, the fishing will improve greatly. At the minute it's a mixed bag of summer fish with doggies and flounder, the whiting, dabs and rays will become more prominent. Night time will mainly produce better catches.


  • Bass is the target species for many anglers locally, best using lug or ragworm on a pulley pennel. It tends to fish better over low water or if there are moderate winds from the West/North. Otherwise there are a good few smooth hounds being caught at Talacre. Mackerel are sparse at the minute but should be soon to arrive at Colwyn Bay and Lllandudno at high water.


  • With the warmer weather upon us, we now have an influx of bass to the local beaches. Not heard of any large fish locally but the numbers are good. Talacre is the place to go for smooth hounds, these falling mainly to crab or squid. Mostyn still seems to be producing some decent plaice. Elsewhere the dreaded dogfish are showing in numbers after dark on beaches west of Pensarn.


  • A good number of bass are now showing on the local beaches, these are mainly falling to lug or ragworm. Mostyn is producing decent numbers of flounders and plaice, a few rays coming out too. No reports of any smooth hound just yet but as the weather improves they'll soon show, particularly Talacre at low water.


  • Plenty of whiting being caught after dark between Llandudno and Pensarn. Heading further East and it's mainly dabs and flounders, once again better after dark. With less rain over the last couple of weeks all the estuaries should start fishing better. Don't rule out codling from Conwy and Mostyn with whiting and flatfish. The Mersey should improve too, although there aren't many decent fish being produced. Kinmel Bay is worth a go at night or over low water in the day for codling if there's any North in the wind. Splash point is also due to reopen in the next few weeks.


  • With the colder weather starting to move in, the beaches will generally fish less well. Dabs, whiting and rockling after dark will be the best plan of attack locally. Mostyn and Talacre will still produce fish in the daylight, otherwise head for deeper water around Anglesey and the Mersey.


  • With the weather changing for the colder, so the winter fish have moved in. Lots of whiting and dogfish being caught, particularly after dark. The bass are still coming out in good numbers too, especially with a North or Westerly wind.


  • Plenty of bass being caught all along the coast at the minute, much of them at low water but not exclusively. Smooth hounds are now on the decline though and will disappear as the weather gets cooler. Plenty of dogfish with a few huss off Lllandudno and Colwyn Bay, expect the influx of whiting to follow. Mostyn has produced good numbers of rays in the last few weeks.


  • With the warmer weather over the past few weeks, there will be an influx of weaver fish to the area. On the plus side, the bass have been plentiful along the coastline. These are mainly just under size but there is the odd decent fish. Smooth hound and tope have also been caught recently to decent sizes, Talacre at low water seeing the best of these. There are also large numbers of mackerel being caught at Llandudno and Colwyn Bay.


  • There are good reports of bass all along the coast at present, these mainly being between 1.5 and 3 pounds. Otherwise it's whiting and dogfish. There have also been a number of smooth hounds caught the best of which are usually found at Talacre at low water. Be aware as the weather warms up of the increased likelihood of weaver fish. 


  • Early April is always a lean time along the local coastline, a few bass plus whiting and dogfish after dark are the main species. Mostyn is still producing the odd ray plus flatties and whiting. As the weather improves though the bass willl become more widespread and the smoothhounds will once again return. For the time being though it's best to head West or fish after dark.


  • Even though we're now nearly into September, the sea is still very warm and thus there are still summer special being caught. Mackerel and weaver fish have been caught recently together with good numbers of bass. The main species however at the minute has to be whiting, pretty much all the way along the coast. There have also been quite a few rays and the odd huss, undoubtedly feeling on the small whiting. No codling to speak of as of yet, unless you head towards the Menai Straits or the Mersey.


  • With the weather been so warm lately there are still plenty of summer fish to be caught. Bass, Smoothounds, plaice and weaver fish are all still coming out. With plenty of dogfish and whiting around, fishing is excellent at the minute. As it gets cooler they will become more prevalent, the weavers and smoothound slowly disappearing, although there still should be a good number of bass around.


  • There are good amounts of mackerel being caught along Colwyn Bay and Llandudno at the minute, although many of them are on the small side. Elsewhere there are plenty of bass caught along with dogfish and a few smoothounds. Beware as there are still some weaver fish around.


  • Plenty of bass are being caught along the coast at the moment, although there are plenty of weaver fish also. Smooth-hounds are also showing up from time to time. Mostyn has seen decent mixed bags, with quite a number of decent rays coming out.


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  • The poor weather over the last few weeks hasn't changed the good fishing too much. Whiting are still in good numbers, as well as dabs and flounders. There is still the odd decent codling around mainly after dark. A few bass now are also starting to show, don't forget you can now take 2 per session as long as they are 42cm or above.


  • January is normally a poor month for fishing in general. This month however has seen an influx of codling along the coastline between Pensarn and Prestatyn. The biggest fish came off Prestatyn earlier in the week, but some decent sized fish have come out almost anywhere. Best fishing at low water or over high after dark. Kinmel Bay at high water has been particularly prolific. Still quite a few whiting and dabs around together with a few flounder and still the odd bass.


  • Plenty of whiting pretty much everywhere at the minute with lots of dabs between Rhyl and Talacre too. If you're looking for something more substantial then the Mersey is worth a look, better whiting and some decent codling being caught. There's also codling being taken at Conwy and some at Llandudno. 


  • It's a great time to go fishing at the minute, the colder weather and darker nights have brought lots of fish onshore. Plenty of whiting, dabs, dogfish and bass are being caught everywhere at present, with some rays and huss being reported also. 


  • With the autumn season nearly upon us, the dogfish have started to appear in decent numbers. Bass are still coming pout in good numbers too, particularly when it's choppy. With the darker nights will come the usual invasion of small whiting.


  • With the warmer weather has come plenty of weaver fish so beware. Plenty of small bass coming out along the coast with some decent smooth-hounds. Further towards Colwyn Bay and Llandudno there are lots of dogfish after dark. Few mackerel showing at present.


  • School bass are around in good numbers at the moment right along the coast, only the odd fish of any size though. Better with an onshore wind. There are also good amounts of smoothounds being taken, particularly at Talacre, some decent fish with the odd double figure fish. Otherwise it's mainly flatties with whiting and dogfish at night. Weaver fish are sure to be plentiful as the weather improves.


  • Although there are now plenty of bass being caught all along the coast, a huge majority of them are under size at present. Best fishing with lugworm on a pulley or pulley pennel rig in a West or North West wind. There are still a few whiting and rockling at the minute but these should dissipate with the warmer weather. Mostyn is still fishing pretty well, with whiting, dabs, flounder, plaice and rays all being caught recently.


  • A few bass have started to show up on the local beaches, these mainly being small. Best fishing a low water with a light surf. Otherwise it's mainly whiting, dogfish and rockling. Elsewhere Mostyn is producing a mixed bag of flatties and whiting with some small codling.


  • The beaches are pretty poor at the minute, with only really small whiting in good numbers, along with rockling and a few flatfish. Mostyn is fishing very well though, with good numbers of whiting, dabs, flatfish and some codling as well as the odd ray. Talacre also produces very well this time of the year for whiting and dabs but be aware of bad weather. 


  • As the colder weather has moved in so have the whiting and dabs. The whiting are pretty much everywhere at the minute with good amounts after dark but still quite a few during the day. The dabs are mainly between Kinmel Bay and Talacre on a night tide. A few bass are still showing during the day particularly when it's choppy. Little sign of any numbers of codling as of yet.


  • There are currently large amounts of whiting being caught all the way along the coast, particularly after dark. Bass are still showing also with some decent sized fish showing lately. With the darker nights dabs and whiting will be the predominant species. Mostyn is still producing good amounts of rays, as well as plenty of whiting and flatfish. Still not many codling showing apart from the Menai Straights, Conwy estuary, Mostyn and the Mersey should all start showing some shortly. Talacre is great for large numbers of dabs and whiting at low water.


  • As the colder weather comes in so do the whiting, dogfish and dabs. There are plenty of both dogfish and whiting as well as a few huss being caught at LLandudno and Colwyn Bay at present. The beaches between Llandulas and Prestatyn have produced good numbers of bass the past few weeks and are likely to continue to do so for some time. Rhyl and Prestatyn will also produce decent amounts of dabs after dark. Talacre and Mostyn will also produce good bags of whiting and dabs over the coming weeks.


  • With the change in the weather, there has been an influx of bass to the local beaches. Mainly taken to worm baits over low water, there have been plenty of school bass with the odd sizable fish thrown in. Elsewhere, there are now mackerel being caught off the beaches at Llandudno and Colwyn Bay, usually at high water.


  • There is still plenty of small bass being caught right along the coast, mainly to worm baits. A few smoothound are also being taken as well as some flatfish, whiting and dogfish. Beware however, weaver fish are in abundance on the local beaches.


  • A large amount of small bass are now being caught pretty much all the way along the coast, unfortunately they are mainly small school bass and larger ones are a minority. Otherwise there are quite a few flatties together with dogfish and some smoothounds.


  • It has been fairly quiet on the local beaches as of late, the very cold spring weather has kept the summer species on hold. Local beaches have generally been poor with mainly whiting, flatties and rockling being caught. There is now the odd bass being caught as well as plenty of flounders. Mostyn has been fishing very well of late, with good numbers of dabs, whiting, plaice and flounders as well as some decent rays. 


  • As the weather gets the warmer there will be an influx of bait on the local beaches and estuaries, thus the fish should follow. Dogfish are already being caught in good numbers after dark along Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. The bass have been slow so far but should be just around the corner. There have been some decent rays caught also. 


  • After the unusually cold weather for the beginning of March, the fishing will be slow over the coming weeks. Many of the baits that bring the fish to shore will be late in arrival, thus keeping the fish off the beaches. At present there are good numbers of rockling and dabs off the local beaches, small pieces of lugworm or mackerel on small hooks the best method. Elsewhere Llandudno has produced a few fair size codling as well as small whiting. Mostyn and Talacre continue to produce dabs and whiting as well as flounder higher up the river.


  • There are still good numbers of whiting, dabs and flounders being caught after dark right along the coast. Daytime wise low water is a better option for the same. No codling of any note have been caught locally as of yet, hopefully the colder snap in the coming week will bring them in.


  • Despite the cold weather recently, there has only been a limited amount of cod caught locally. The Mersey seems to be the only place where they're getting caught in any numbers. Elsewhere there is still plenty of whiting and dabs between Pensarn and Talacre, further West it is mainly whiting. 


  • Lots of whiting are being caught pretty much everywhere at the moment, particularly after dark. Daytime wise there are still plenty of bass around together with flatfish. Not too many cod around at the moment, although there are some in the Menai Straights, Conwy and the Mersey.


  • Plenty of bass are being caught right along the coast at the moment, these falling mainly to worm baits. Also there are quite a few plaice and dabs too. Talacre and Mostyn are prolific with flatfish at present. After dark there are plenty of dogfish, dabs and whiting with quite a few rays and some decent huss.


  • As the nights draw in there will be an increase in dabs, whiting and dogfish. Fish lugworm and mackerel as sandeel are few and far between at present. There are still a few rays being caught at Mostyn as well as good numbers of flatties. Talacre has started fishing for the dabs, fish two hours either side of low water with 3-4 day old lugworm. Be aware of any fog though and always carry a compass. Colwyn Bay and Llandudno are fishing really well for dogfish at present with some huss, the whiting will be soon to follow. At the moment though there are still plenty of mackerel being caught. Kinmel Bay through Rhyl to Prestatyn are favorites for bass at low water, dabs and whiting will also be prolific in the coming months after dark.


  • There is still decent numbers of bass be produced right along the coast mainly to worm baits. Interspersed with these are lots of weever fish, so be aware. Lately there have been a number of rays caught off Mostyn together with lots of flatties. Further West towards Colwyn Bay and Llandudno the mackerel are now being caught in some numbers together with a few dogfish.


  • Lots of bass are being caught right along the coast at present, these mainly on the small side but some bigger fish. Best fishing is with a west or North wind or at low water. There have also been a decent amount of smoothound caught at low water, use crab, ragworm or prawns. The mackerel will start to produce in big numbers over the coming weeks, particularly in Colwyn Bay and Llandudno on an evening high tide.


  • With the arrival of the hot weather the bass, smoothound and mackerel have also decided to show up. The bass seem to be in decent numbers although mainly school bass, the same can be said for the mackerel, with the stamp of fish being small. There have been a number of good smoothounds caught, even some off the beaches towards Llandulas. The boat fishing is always very good at this time of year with plenty of species caught including some superb tope.


  • Flounders are the top catch at the moment, with both estuaries and the beaches producing some good sized fish. Elsewhere it's pretty slow with only a few bass being caught along with small whiting and dogfish. Mackerel have also been caught  off Anglesey and the great orme.


  • As the warmer weather moves in then so will the summer species. Currently there are good numbers of flounder and plaice being caught especially in the estuaries. Although the bass have been thin on the ground thus far, April usually sees an influx before the algae invades later in May. Plenty of dogfish now being caught further West in the evenings.


  • There are still relatively decent numbers of fish coming to shore, mainly dabs, whiting and flounder but also some decent codling too. Kinmel Bay and Splash Point along to Prestatyn have all produced some codling recently. Elsewhere Mostyn is fishing pretty well apart from after heavy rainfall. Still some codling in the Mersey. As the weather warms up there should be some decent catches of flounders in all the estuaries.


  • January fished much better than usual, mainly to the sea temperature being higher than normal. Plenty of dabs and whiting together with some decent flounders and codling have been caught all along the local beaches. Low water and after dark seem the best times but even in the daytime there have been notable catches particularly on the bigger tides. Elsewhere Mostyn has produced lots of fish lately and the Mersey is still producing some decent fish.


  • With the relatively warm weather for the time of year continuing, the fishing has stayed very good over the last few weeks. Dabs, whiting, flounders, codling and even some bass have all been caught over the Christmas period and whilst it stays warm the fish should stay. Fishing after dark is best for most species but the daytime has also been quite productive recently. If it's cod you're after, then Mostyn and the Mersey have continued to fish very well the past few weeks with even the local beaches producing on North facing winds. Talacre is full of dabs and whiting but as always be aware of the tides and impending fog. The best bait at this time of year is lugworm but this can be tough to find and is always best to order well in advance, if not we have plenty of frozen although you're advised to use elastic or tip it with squid or mackerel.


  • Fishing along the local coastline has been good over the last six weeks, whiting, dogfish, dabs, flounders, codling and bass are all being caught together with the odd huss and a few rockling and plaice. The whiting have been most prolific, coming out everywhere at night and in some places in good numbers through the day. Talacre is the best place for good numbers of dabs and the rocky areas better for dogfish. If you're looking for codling then the Mersey is best, but Mostyn and the Conwy estuary are good too, although they'll turn up almost anywhere in choppy conditions.


  • As the weather gets colder the huge influx of joey mackerel will begin to wain. At present though there are still plenty being caught, predominantly around Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. There are also good whiting, dogfish and the odd ray and huss coming from these areas. Closer to Rhyl there are still quite a few bass being taken with good amounts of dabs and whiting, mainly after dark and at low water.


  • Mackerel are being caught pretty much everywhere at the moment, with the best places being Old Colwyn and Llandudno but you could see them just about anywhere. Elsewhere it's still bass, flounders and weevers coming to line with dogfish after dark.


  • With the warmer weather now well and truly upon us, there are a great number of weevers along the coastline. Be aware as they have a poisonous spine on the back. Otherwise it's small bass, flounders and eels coming to line. Colwyn Bay and Llandudno are producing good numbers of dogfish at distance in the day or closer in after dark. A few early mackerel are also showing.


  • Bass will be the main target species over the coming months with the best time being low water with an onshore wind. These are mainly falling to lugworm. Elsewhere there are plenty of plaice and flounders up river from Mostyn.


  • The arrival of the warm weather has brought a good number of bass to the shore, mainly small ones at present. Apart from that there's only flounders and a few rockling being caught. Elsewhere Mostyn has produced quite a few codling over the last few weeks with plaice, flounder and dabs also coming to line.


  • With the lighter nights now upon us there is a change in the fishing, with the last of the winter species being caught before the summer species move inshore. As the crabs start to peel the plaice and flounder fishing in the estuaries should improve with still the odd whiting and codling. The beaches are pretty quiet at present with only flounders and dabs together with some whiting and dogfish after dark coming to shore. There should be bass just around the corner though.


  • With continuing mild weather the fishing along most of the beaches has stayed pretty consistent with plenty of whiting and dabs being taken. The better fish seem to be East of Pensarn towards Talacre with mainly small whiting off Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. Not much cod to speak of apart from small ones at Conwy and Llandudno and the odd better one at Mostyn.


  • Currently there are large numbers of whiting together with some dabs and flounder and even the odd bass along the coastline. This will surely change as the colder arctic weather pushes in over the next week. Talacre at low water will still have plenty of fish at low water, be aware of any fog and always carry a compass. Elsewhere there should be some codling taken especially when it's been choppy. Presently both Mostyn and the Mersey are producing some decent codling and decent whiting mainly to lug and squid.

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  • Which the weather still being remarkably warm for the time of year, there are still a number of bass being taken. Although this does seem to be to the detriment of the cod fishing. Locally though there are plenty of whiting and dabs with some bass. The only cod being brought to the shore seem to be in the estuaries although the rain water does have an effect.


  • Plenty of dabs, whiting and dogfish are currently being taken locally along the coast. There are still some flounders and bass coming to line but as yet the codling are fairly elusive. Talacre is as ever the most prolific venue at this time of year, but most venues along the coastline are fishing well after dark. 


  •   With the unseanonably warm weather, there has been a late run of bass along the local beaches mainly off Kinmel Bay and the stretch between Rhyl and Prestatyn at low water. Talacre is already producing decent number of dabs and whiting, this is also true of Mostyn, although no cod have been reported yet. Colwyn Bay and Llandudno have an unlimited supply of dogfish and whiting at present.


  • As the darker, cooler nights are now upon us, the winter fish have descended in good numbers. Plenty of dogfish and some whiting together with a few rays have been caught off Colwyn Bay and Llandudno the past couple of weeks although there's still some mackerel around. A bit quieter at Towyn and Pensarn though at the moment. Kinmel Bay and Rhyl are producing some bass still together with a few flatties, mainly over low water. The beaches between Prestatyn and Talacre are producing plenty of dabs at low water.
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  • A good variety of fish being taken at the moment. Plenty of flounders together with bass, dabs, eels and weaver fish coming to shore mainly to worm baits. There is also a good chance of catching mackerel at Colwyn Bay and Llandudno at present. Mainly on high water with an evening tide best.


  • Plenty of bass coming out to lugworm over the past few days. A 11lb fish was caught at Kinmel Bay earlier in the week and a 7lb 8 was caught at Rhyl. Numerous other small ones have been showing all along the coast. There have also been reports of some mackerel off Llandudno and Colwyn bay the last few days.


  • The fishing has finally picked up after a very slow start to the summer. Bass to 8lb have been taken off the local beaches the past 10 days, mainly to lugworm. Best time is on the flood but fish have been caught at all states of tide. Flounders have also been a common catch recently. There's still plenty of plaice being caught on the dee estuary.


  • After a period of pretty poor fishing along the coast, this week has seen a marked improvement. Dabs, whiting, bass, plaice, flounder and rockling have all been caught. Kinmel bay has been mainly whiting with the odd bass. The stretcvh between Rhyl and Prestatyn at low water has started to produce some bass with plenty of flatties and a few whiting. The best mark for plaice however seems to be between Mostyn and Greenfield with quite a number a decent catches.


  • ​Firstly the blue bridge which connects Rhyl with Kinmel Bay is now open. With regards to the fishing it's mainly dabs, flounders and still some codling coming off the beaches locally. Mostyn is still producing plenty of fish with a good amount of plaice now being produced in amongst the dabs, flounder and codling. There are also now good numbers of dogfish on the beaches at Colwyn Bay and Llandudno after dark.


  • With the amount of cod being caught at the moment anglers should make the most of it. Kinmel Bay has produced many fish up to 5lb. Fish 2 hours after low water until about 3 hours after high. Splash point to Prestatyn has also produced good numbers of fish, mainly at low water but it will fish on the bigger tides at high or if there's a North facing wind. Mostyn is also produced good quality codling, up to 10lb, best fished on a smaller tide.


  • There seems no let up at present in the amount of fish being taken. Large numbers of whiting together with dabs and codling falling mainly to lugworm are coming to line. Best spots for the codling at present seem to be the dee estuary, the mersey and conwy all producing decent fish. Kinmel Bay at low water has also taken it's fair share of fish over the festive period.


  • For the last 6 weeks or so the fishing has been excellent right along the coast, particularly after dark. Although there are plenty of dabs and whiting the target of most anglers at this time of year is cod. For best results use big lug baits when there is a North or Westerly wind. 


  • There's a great number of fish being taken all along the coast at present. Whiting, dabs, codling, dogfish, flounders and bass have been caught in decent numbers in the past few weeks particularly after darkness falls. All the recent matches locally after dark have been won with more than twenty fish with some in the region of fifty. Best spots for the codling currently seem to be at Conwy and Mostyn although a number have been caught on the beaches too. It should stay pretty good now until late December so make the most of the good fishing!!


  • After a quiet few weeks the inclemant weather has brought the bass back to the shoreline with fish being reported pretty much everywhere. Be aware though there are now a good number of weaver fish also being brought to line.


  • Still a good amount of bass coming out all along the coast from Llandulas to Prestatyn, with the majority of fish taken on lugworm at low water. Anglers wanting to fish the high water need to be fishing Kinmel Bay to Pensarn. A few weever fish have now started to show, be aware!! Smoothound to a good size have also been caught in places.


  • The shore fishing between Llandulas and Prestatyn will be dominated by bass over the next few weeks with some decent fish already been taken. Best method being a pulley pennel using whole lugworm. As the algae bloom slowly disappears the fishing can only improve, a good time to be wetting a line. Elsewhere Mostyn has seen some good plaice caught to 3lb+ and smaller flounder, codling and whiting.


  • Good reports of bass being taken all along the coast just now mainly to lugworm. Best spots being Prestatyn at low water and the stretch between Kinmel Bay and Pensarn. Better fish are being taken in the rough ground to the left of Llandulas on peeler crab. Elsewhere there are some decent plaice coming off Mostyn together with flounders and small codling. The boat fishing off Rhyl has much improved over the last few weeks with both smoothhound and tope expected shortly.


  • With spring now upon us there are huge amounts of bait around which in turn is improving the fishing greatly. Good numbers of bass are now being reported between Towyn and Prestatyn. There are also still whiting, rockling, codling, plaice and flounders to be had. The codling are however pretty small unless you venture over to Mostyn where a few decent fish have been produced, mainly to crab. Lugworm is still the best bait for the bass locally although plenty have also been taken on ragworm. Elsewhere there are decent rays and huss being caught on Anglesey together with the usual dogfish, dabs and whiting.


  • Still plenty of codling around on the beaches between Pensarn and Prestatyn, with the odd flounder, plaice and whiting showing up. Over towards Colwyn Bay and Llandudno it's mainly whiting and dogfish. Still plenty of dabs and whiting at Talacre, but be aware of fog and always have a compass. Bass are still few and far between currently.


  • With the mild weather continuing the fishing has stayed pretty good in most areas. Llandudno and Colwyn Bay are showing up plenty of whiting and dogfish with dabs and flounder for variety. Kinmel Bay and Rhyl are still producing codling, flounders, plaice and whiting. There was a bass caught at Splash Point over the weekend too, first of many I'm sure. Talacre continues to offer the hottest action with double and treble headers of dabs and whiting being produced.


  • The fishing has slowed down of late especially West of Pensarn, Colwyn Bay now mainly showing small whiting and rockling with Llandudno not much better. Further East there are still plenty of dabs with some whiting, flounder and codling being produced. Best spots as normal this time of year are Talacre and Mostyn where decent numbers of fish have been recorded. Bear it in mind though that Mostyn is currently a long walk with the repair work being undertaken.


  • Still an awful lot of fish around for the time of year. Talacre as usual is the most prolific with dabs and whiting 3 a cast. Elsewhere there are lots of dabs between Rhyl and Prestatyn particularl;y after dark or at low water. Still some decent codling being produced at Kinmel Bay with the odd bass and flounder thrown in. Further west it is mainly whiting and rockling. 


  • There has been an influx of cod over the last couple of weeks with fish up to 5lb being caught between Kinmel Bay and Prestatyn, these falling mainly to lugworm. There are also still plenty of dabs and whiting with a few flounders and rockling.


  • With the unseasonably mild weather there are still large numbers of decent whiting and dabs showing. These are predominately after dark or at low water. Talacre at low water being the hotspot at present with bags of 30-40 fish commonplace. There are a few decent cod showing in the mersey at present but elsewhere they are generally small.


  • Christmas opening hours:

Friday 20th - 9.00am til 5.00pm
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Sunday 22nd - 11.00am til 3.00pm
Monday 23rd - 9.00am til 5.30pm
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Christmas Day - Closed
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Sunday 29th - Closed
Monday 30th - 9.00am til 5.00pm
Tuesday 31st - 9.00am til 1.00pm
New Year's Day - Closed
January 2nd - 9.00am til 5.30pm

  • Plenty of fish are being caught pretty much everywhere at present, mainly whiting and dabs after dark. The codling however have been few and far between thus far and the ones caught have been on the small side. Mostyn seems to be the only place where better cod have been taken, although it's hard to get to at the moment due to ongoing work. Some decent rays have been caught at Penmaenmawr and Llanfairfechan with Ty Croes also being productive at this time of year.


  • With a mixture of summer and winter species the fishing is excellent at the moment. Decent whiting and dogfish are being taken pretty much everywhere along the coast, especially at night. There are also good numbers of bass still and codling to be found when the sea is rough. There are also lots of dabs and flounders locally.
  • Just a reminder. We are closed on the 21st and 22nd of November and the 25th to the 28th. We are however now open on Saturday the 23rd between 9am and 4pm.


  • Plenty of fish around at the moment with whiting, dabs, flounder, plaice, bass, dogfish and rays all been landed locally over the past couple of weeks. Still low water or after dark being the most productive times but beware of the incoming tide if fishing low water especially at night.


  • Once again we have an influx of North bearing winds over the next few days, this should bring good numbers of fish feeding right along the coast. Bass will be the main target of many, best methods being whole lugworm on a pulley pennel. You could also try catching a small whiting and using that as your bait. Low water in the daytime should be your preferred time to fish as there will be plenty of whiting and dogfish once the sun goes down.


  • The Northwesterly wind over the past few days has brought an influx of bass to the local beaches. Decent bags and decent sized fish have been reported between Pensarn and Prestatyn with the best catches coming at Kinmel Bay and Rhyl. Reports of fish to 10lb have come from Kinmel Bay and 7lb off Rhyl. Lugworm is the preferred bait usually on a pulley pennel. Elsewhere there's a few flounders and plaice plus many dogfish after dark.


  • With the more changeable weather the prospects look good for bass. Decent fish have been taken over the past couple of weeks at low water between splash point and Prestatyn. If you're looking for high water marks you could do worse than fishing adjacent to the river on the Kinmel Bay side. Elsewhere some decent bass and flounders have been caught at Conwy although you'll need peeler crab.


  • Still plenty of mackerel being caught along the coastline, best over high water in the evenings. Much of the bass at the moment are being caught at low water ideally with a little wind. Be aware of the many weever fish being caught at present.


  • With the arrival of the nice weather so have the mackerel in abundance. They have been caught off the shore pretty much all along. The bass fishing is not as good however but some are still being caught, these mainly at low water. Early morning or in the evening being the best time. Elsewhere there are plaice and flounders in the estuaries although you need to be using crab.


  • Over the last two weeks the fishing has improved dramatically on both the beach and boat. A large number of bass have been taken along the coastline recently with reports of many fish in a session of anything up to 6lb. There are also flatties and the odd smoothhound being landed. The boats have reported tope up to 50lb and smoothhound to 22lb with plenty of other species to be found. Get out there and enjoy the weather!



  • After the infestation of algae over the past few weeks the fishing in general was badly affected as there was little oxygen in the water. Now however it has dispersed leaving excellent catches of bass and the odd smoothhound on the local beaches. A smoothhound of 8lb was caught off Rhyl at low water earlier in the week and all along the coast there have been good numbers of bass this week. There are also reports of decent plaice coming to shore above Mostyn, crab is the main bait here.


  • With the improvement in the weather so too the fishing has improved, with an abundance of fish being taken. These mainly being bass, flounder and whiting with a few plaice. Kinmel Bay to Pensarn seems to be the best area with fish being taken right through the tide. Be aware of weaverfish as the weather hots up. Lots of flounders and plaice in the estuaries right now falling mainly to crab.


  • Lots of bass being reported right the way along the coast at the moment from Prestatyn to Llandulas, mainly falling to lugworm at low water with west of Rhyl also at high water. The Foryd harbour and Dee estauary are also producing large numbers of flounder.


  • Now that spring has arrived so have the bass, with reports to 3lb being landed off the local coastline. Towyn and Kinmel Bay seem to be the best areas at present but you have a good chance from Pensarn right through to Prestatyn. Low water up seems to be the best time. Elsewhere there are still decent flounders coming out of the rivers.



  • With the recent cold weather the shore fishing has been poor with limited catches. There is however the odd bass now showing with some decent flounders coming out of the estuaries. The warmer weather should gradually improve the fishing as there will be more bait on the beaches.




  • As the cold weather has persisted so has the lack of fish. Dabs and rockling being the main species at present, particularly along the coast between Rhyl and Talacre. As the weather warms up through March the bass will start to show along with whiting and dogfish after dark. Elsewhere the west coast of Anglesey has produced a number of rays and plenty of dogfish.




  • With the colder weather now set in, the fishing will be much slower. Only really dabs showing up in any numbers with good catches at splash point on high water at distance and closer in on low water. This is pretty much the same right through to talacre with mostyn producing a few fish also. Further west and it is mainly the odd flounder and rockling with small whiting at llandudno.




  • With the onset of winter finally upon us the fishing will be much harder. Dabs are the main species currently between Rhyl and Prestatyn, with the odd flounder and decent codling. Elsewhere there are small whiting and rockling on the beaches between Pensarn and Llandudno. As always at this time of year the best fishing being Talacre and Mostyn over low water with plenty of dabs and some whiting.




  • A good number of codling have been showing along the coast in the last couple of weeks with fish above 4lb been reported. Splash point to Prestatyn seems to be the best spot but there have also been the odd one at Kinmel Bay and Pensarn too. The cold weather of the next few days won't help though. Still numbers of dabs and whiting also.




  • As the New Year draws near the fishing is generally poor with small whiting and rockling being the main species locally. However with the mild winter thus far the fishing is pretty good with lots of whiting and dabs being caught. Best spots being Talacre at low water and Mostyn but the local beaches still turning up a number of fish, even the odd bass and codling. If the weather stays fairly mild then the fish should be there. Happy New Year!!!



CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS:    21st  December: 9 - 5.30

                                            22nd December: 8 - 5.30

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                                            25th December:  CLOSED

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                                            30th December: CLOSED

                                            31st December:  9- 2.00

                                             1st  January:     Closed

                                             2nd January:    NORMAL HOURS


Wishing all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!





  • There are still large amounts of whiting right along the North Wales coast at present, these being mainly small. Dabs are also in good numbers from Rhyl through to the Dee estuary with Talacre at low water being the best spot. Be aware of potential fog at this time of year if you fish Talacre though. The Mersey is producing some excellent fish at the moment with fish to 12lb coming off the shore and to 18lb off the boat. 





  • The fishing along the coast is generally dominated by whiting at present, especially at night. The better fish tending to come between Rhyl and Prestatyn with Mostyn taking some good sized fish. Lots of dabs and the odd codling are also being caught locally and still some bass. Talacre is excellent for numbers of fish at low water at present, those being dabs and whiting. Further towards Colwyn Bay/Llandudno it is mainly small whiting.





  • There are big numbers of whiting right along the coast at present, although these are generally smaller the further west you go. Best fishing after dark with also dabs and dogfish being taken. Bass are still being taken in the daytime pretty much everywhere, the best of which was an 11lb fish off Prestatyn. Best fishing over low water or if there is an onshore wind. Talacre and Mostyn are now fishing excellent for dabs and whiting with the odd codling, particularly in the deeper water at Mostyn.







  • There has been an influx of whiting and dogfish right the way along the coast, particularly after dark. Although in Llandudno and Colwyn Bay the whiting tend to be really small, the better ones are being caught from Tan Lan Eastwards. Lots of bass are still being produced although they don't stand much of a chance after dark because of all the other fish. Whereever you go at the moment be prepared for plenty of action.





  • Good numbers of Bass are being caught all along the coast, particularly at low water. Generally around the 2lb mark but fish over 5lb also being produced. Rhyl at low water has produced many of the bigger fish to lugworm. Elsewhere the Dogfish and Whiting have moved in in numbers after dark with a few flatties mixed in.




  • Good numbers of Mackerel have been showing up on the beaches at high water between Towyn and Llandudno. Elsewhere lots of Bass coming out mainly to lugworm with the better fish being taken at low water, particularly on North/Northwest winds. 






  • There has been plenty of Mackerel showing over the past few evenings over high water, anywhere from Towyn through to Llandudno have seen shoals. Elsewhere it's still mainly small Bass, Flounders, Eels and the dreaded Weever fish.




  • Still lots of bass is the main focus mainly on lugworm. A 6lb smoothhound was caught recently on Kinmel bay beach, with reports of a few being taken along the coast particularly Llandulas andTan Lan. Elsewhere there are a few flatfish and a number of the dreaded weaverfish.




  • An abundance of bass are now being taken. Reports of as much as 20+ fish at a time are now being taken, these mainly but not exclusively school bass. Llandulas to kinmel bay are good in all states of tides but stick to low water when fishing rhyl to prestatyn. Apart from that locally it's just flounders weevers and eels. The boat fishing from rhyl is now excellent with as many as 13 species being reported in a day. These include tope, smoothhounds, bass, gurnards and plenty of mackerel.



  • Good numbers of bass are being reported right along the coast at the moment, these mainly being 1-2lb but a few decent fish mixed in. Best either side of low water although reports of fish being taken at high are commonplace. Beware of weever fish which are now being caught that can give you a nasty sting.




  • An excellent number of bass is being taken all the way along the coast at the moment, with good numbers of school bass and some decent fish amongst them. Best fished either side of low water but not exclusively. Still lots of flounders around also and the odd plaice. Fishing at night can still produce decent numbers of dogfish and whiting. Be aware of weaver fish though as they are being caught regularly along the beaches at present.




  • Some decent bass have been caught over the last 2 to 3 weeks, the best spot being Splash Point in Rhyl at low water. Elsewhere there have been a number of smaller bass and still some decent flounders. Colwyn Bay club fished a match over the weekend at Greenfield, the best mark being just up river from the boat at Mostyn. Some decent plaice and flounders were caught ther best of which was a 3lb 4oz plaice. Crab is the preferred bait.




  • Lots of small bass being taken along the coast at present at most stages of the tide with the odd decent fish be produced. Best fished the first two hours of the flood using lugworm, a pulley pennel as the preferred method. Still plenty of flounders in harbour at Rhyl coming out to crab and ragworm. The boat fishing out of Rhyl is producing good numbers of dabs, whiting and dogfish with some decent huss and rays.




  • Good reports of bass being caught locally on the stretches between Prestatyn and Llandulas although most are small. The biggest reported so far was a fish of 7lb 4oz caught at high water off splash point. A number of decent flounder are also being taken off the beaches with good numbers in the estuary at Rhyl, mainly on crab and ragworm. There are also plenty off flounders at Mostyn along with plaice and small codling.



  • A good number of small bass are being reported on the local beaches mainly falling to lugworm with ragworm and crab also producing. Rhyl estuary is very productive at present for flounders with some decent size fish. Use crab or ragworm fishing the 3 hours before high water. Talacre is still producing plenty of flatties as is Mostyn and Greenfield. 




  • There are plenty of flounders being caught in all the local estuaries with the odd one showing up on the beaches. Mostyn and the areas around are also producing some plaice. The bass are still thin on the ground but have been caught all the was along, mainly to lugworm. The recent warm weather should improve things though and it looks as if April could be a decent month.




  • Colwyn Bay club had a match at Colwyn Bay over the weekend with limited catches. A few dogfish were caught plus a large amount rockling and sea scorpions, also a number of small flounders. Elsewhere a few bass are showing but are pretty small so far. Flounders are in good numbers in the estuaries with 19 being caught in one session at Rhyl on ragworm.




  • A few bass starting to appear along the beaches, Pensarn and Towyn being the best place. Elsewhere there's plaice and flounders at Mostyn and still dabs and whiting at Talacre. Colwyn Bay and Llandudno still poor with rockling and a few whiting, although the dogfish can't be far away.



  • Colwyn Bay club held there latest league match on saturday night at Tan Lan between the hump and the rainbow bridge headland. Although a good number of rockling were brought to the scales, the only other fish caught was a flounder and a sea scorpion. Still the only place locally producing numbers of fish is Talacre, with good dabs and whiuting. Elsewhere the fishing is patchy at best. 



  • There was a match at Talacre over the weekend and there was good amounts of dabs and whiting caught, 38 fish the most being caught. Elsewhere it's mainly dabs and small whiting with a few flounders and codling being produced.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      




  • Colwyn Bay had a club waters rover over the weekend which produced plenty of fish although many undersize. This match was over low water and most of the best bags came from Talacre. These being mainly dabs with a healthy amount of whiting. Although many other spots produced fish the only other to produce decent size fish was at Llandulas, with whiting, dabs and a few rockling. Splash point at Rhyl also produced dabs and flounders. With the cold weather setting in Talacre will surely be the place to go over the coming weeks, be aware of the fog.




  • Mostyn: Plenty of dabs and whiting still prevalent with codling to the left. Best fished after a couple of days dry weather. 
  • Talacre: A mtach yesterday produced decent bags of dabs and whiting, with most of the better fish coming from the right. The best area is around 300-600 yards to the right of the lighthouse.
  • Prestatyn to Rhyl: Plenty of dabs right along this area with good numbers of flounders and a few whiting. A 3lb bass also came off Prestatyn early last week.
  • Kinmel Bay to Colwyn Bay: Still whiting in decent numbers being caught after dark. Plenty of dabs along Kinmel Bay and Towyn beaches. Also the odd codling and a few rockling showing.
  • Llandudno North Shore: Mainly whiting mostly after dark with codling around the ormes.



  • Talacre: A two day match over the weekend produced a healthy amount of decent dabs and whiting. With warm weather forecast for the coming week, it should stay that way.
  • Mostyn: Still producing codling to the left with plenty of whiting and dabs in the shallower end to the right. Lugworm and crab are the baits if going for cod with most baits catching the smaller fish.
  • Prestatyn to Rhyl: Still plenty of dabs and whiting plus flounder and the odd codling, with a chance of a rogue bass.
  • Kinmel Bay to Colwyn Bay: Plenty of whiting being caught particularly after dark with dabs and codling also coming to shore. 
  • North Shore Llandudno: A match over saturday night produced any number of whiting with many double and treble headers. These fish were generally 24-28cm which is pretty decent for the time of year. 



  • Mostyn: fishing straight out in the shallower water, there are plenty of dabs & whiting to be found, with the odd codling.  However, if you want to try for larger cod; try the deeper water behind Warwick Chemicals - but beware of snagging!
  • Prestatyn to Rhyl: lots of dabs and some whiting, with dogfish to be caught at night.  Fishing low water and up to high. Beware of the gullies as the tide pushes in.
  • Kinmel Bay to Colwyn Bay: mainly small whiting, a few dabs, and the odd bass.
  • Penrhyn Bay to North Shore Llandudno: still the odd bass, and a few codling in the rough areas.
  • North Shore Llandudno: odd codling behind the houses, mainly whiting and dogs on the  beach, with the odd dab.